What To Ask Your CRM Consulting Company Before Hiring Them

If you are looking for a CRM consulting company for your e-commerce, it might seem to be an easy task as there are abundant of companies offering relevant services. But you cannot just pick any of them without thinking through the pros and cons of the software and the service provider thoroughly. To make sure that company meets your requirements and can exploit your resources well, you should ask a few important questions before you choose them for your organization.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask your CRM consulting company before hiring them.

How long have you been in the business?

Work experience and expertise in the relevant field is something that cannot be compromised. Make sure they are not very new in the consulting business. Experience assures that most of the problems related to the implementation would have already been solved by them and won’t take much time and efforts to invent and apply solutions. If the employees are skilled, they can do the work much faster as well.

Have you worked with a company similar to us?

Though it would be great to find relevant industry expertise, if not, make sure that the consulting company or the individual is familiar to the general processes of your business. If you are expecting your CRM to manage sales, marketing, and customer support needs, get assurance that they can handle all of it efficiently.

Who is going to provide the consultation/support after implementation?

The implementation of a CRM system is not where the relationship ends. Ask who is going to provide the after implementation support. It can be their management personnel, call centre, or the delivery consultant. The delivery consultant would be more familiar to your business processes, so it’s preferable if they are the one you can contact in case of after implementation queries.

How much do you charge for your services?

Clarify their payment structure before your hire them to avoid further issues. They might have fixed prices, or charge according to the time involved. Some companies also provide attractive discounts to their loyal customers. Whatever you are being charged, make sure it’s worth the services you are getting in exchange.

What features do you offer with your product?

You must know what product you are investing in. Ask for a product demonstration that includes all the features and functions of the CRM suite of applications. You can then compare them with your requirements to see if it works for you.

Will you be able to transfer all the data to the new CRM system?

If you are shifting from a previous CRM system to a new one, this matters much more than anything else. They should be able to extract the data from the previous system and properly transfer it to the new CRM software.

To find a CRM consulting company wouldn’t be in a task in itself. But to find the perfect one to meet your organization’s needs, would require some inquiring and research. The answers to these questions will clear up much of the things that you need to know before getting in contact with the CRM consulting company.

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