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Explore the Benefits of Ongoing Consultant Education

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The days when education and learning ended when you were handed your college degree are long over. These days, the most successful business people are those who constantly learn and grow, and failing to keep up with the latest advances in the industry can leave you further and further behind. As a management consultant, you simply cannot afford to stand still – in order to be successful you need to be constantly learning, growing and adapting. That is why consultant education is such a valuable tool for consultants across all industries and experience levels.

The benefits of consultant education are many and varied, from greater clout with a given client to foreknowledge of tax law changes and regulations that can affect your business and your bottom line. By seeking out the best opportunities in consultant education, you can enhance the value of your business, and your bottom line.

Bring More Value to Your Clients

One of the most significant benefits of ongoing education is the increase value it can bring to your clients. As a management consultant, your clients rely on you to be up to date on everything from changes in tax law to new regulations that could affect their industry and the economy as a whole. By taking advantage of education opportunities, you will be able to give every client the quality they deserve. Providing top notch service to your clients is what consulting is all about, and the better service you can provide the more successful your business will be.

Networking Opportunities

With so many consulting opportunities arising from word of mouth and networking, it is vital for consultants to grow their contact lists whenever they can. Attending an education seminar is an excellent way to meet people from across many different industries and business niches, and that can be good for your network and your bottom line.

Get the Licenses and Certifications You Need

In some industries having an industry license or certification is a good idea, while in other industries that licensure and certification is a basic requirement for working as a consultant. With the right consultant education program you can get the licenses and certifications you need to get started in your field, or to make yourself more valuable to your clients. Businesses are always on the lookout for experts who can help them grow your businesses. Becoming the go to expert in your chosen field will set you apart from the competition and help your business grow.

Tax Law Changes and Regulations

The tax code and list of industry regulations is not getting any shorter, and it can be hard for management consultants and others to keep up with the changes without some sort of formal consultant education program. From laws that will impact your biggest clients to regulations that will affect your own operations, you need to know where the changes are and what their effects will be. Choosing a quality consultant education program will allow you to get ready for those changes years before they take effect, giving you a heads up and helping you and your business adapt.

With the right consultant education program, you can enjoy all of these benefits and much more. In fact, the advantages you derive from a system of ongoing consultant education can more than pay for the cost of that education.

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Organic Consulting – A Way To Give Your Clients Maximum Value

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Too often, consultants fail to give their clients maximum value. They bring pre-packaged knowledge and approaches to unique situations. Many consultants believe their value lies in what they already know and being “expert.” Organic Consulting is a consulting methodology that lets the work grow from what is. In Organic Consulting, the consultant becomes part of a bigger whole. As a result, both client and consultant are changed. Through this change, desired results are achieved.

What are the elements of Organic Consulting?

Becoming Part of the Whole

As you, the consultant, are hired by an organization, you become part of it. You are no longer independent of each other and have both changed. In some ways, you have created a new ecosystem. To prepare for your work, thoroughly understand the organization you are working for – its values, mission, people, strengths and weaknesses. Ascertain what their goals and expectations are in hiring you. Make sure they get to know you – what perspective you bring to the table, how you work and what you can give them. Outline what it is you can do for the organization and how you will do it. Build into your outline periodic points where you will evaluate the changes that are taking place, whether you are adding value and if you are on track.

Giving Up The “One Size Fits All” Approach

ou cannot standardize Organic Consulting. Think about it, have you ever consulted for a client that is exactly like one you have worked for before? Replace “one size fits all” with “one size fits only you”. Tailor your approach for each client. Many consulting firms use the “one size fits all” approach to streamline their activities, use less experienced people or to maximize profit by using the same approach over and over again. It doesn’t work and clients know it. In Organic Consulting, streamlining takes a different tack. You bring your knowledge, experiences and tools to each situation and let the alchemy take place. It can be as effortless and will provide a better result.

Working With What Is

Do not try to change your client at the outset. Begin with what is. It is the only place to start. Otherwise, you are on a false foundation. By analyzing what is you can build, correct and supplement where it is needed. You can identify the changes needed and work with your client to implement them. By doing this you may find solutions you have not thought of yet. Let the organization’s current reality inform your work and where you go. Your aspirations and the value you will add are not limited by what is; they are informed by it. The challenge lies in the reshaping.

Keeping Fluidity

Do not come to your work with rigidity or preconceptions. Organic Consulting unfolds. As your consulting progresses, new information may surface, the alchemy that was created may stir things up or the organization may respond in unexpected ways. That is all okay. Take what happens and let it inform you. This is how real change occurs and high value is given. You cannot control the process of Organic Consulting. As changes occur, notice them and fold them into your work. The end result is a changed organization – changed by the introduction of you and the resulting evolution.

Accepting The Results

Many consultants derive comfort by “knowing” the outcome they will achieve before they begin. Organic Consulting precludes this. It is the introduction of you into the existing system that begins the process and it is not predictable. Your results may seem imperfect, but they are real. In that sense, they are perfect. Your work may uncover flaws that were previously hidden, new information as yet unknown or new pathways leading to greater success. That is the goal of Organic Consulting – change that works, adds value and creates.

My work as a management consultant has informed my approach. Organic Consulting works for me and delivers maximum value to my clients by addressing their reality, bringing my skills and perceptions to the table and creating positive change together.

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Consultant Vs Development Professional

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When I decided to switch gears in my career and move towards nonprofits and charities, I contemplated the differences between becoming a development professional representing a single organization, or moving towards consulting and working with several. There were pros and cons of each option, and I weighed them carefully. 

In the end I decided I wanted to become an independent grant writing consultant because I enjoy helping nonprofits further their missions and I didn’t want to limit myself to just one. Along the way I found a few assumptions, some of which were true and some that were not.

1) Consultants make more money, work less hours and make their own schedules

Yes and no. As a consultant I am able to charge for specific services, and there are months where I earn more income as a consultant than I would as an employee, but there are also months where things are scarce. I have to be very careful with planning my time and my billings in order to ensure cash flow. It is important to remember that as a consultant I am also running my own business, which means I am the accountant, the human resources department, the project manager- the whole staff, on top of being a grant writer. In some ways this means I work lots of non-billable hours managing my business. Don’t discount your benefits package, either- as an independent consultant I pay full price for my insurance and there is no match for my retirement funds.

 2) Consultants have varied areas of expertise

Some consultants focus specifically on one type of funding or one topic. I did not specialize and have enjoyed a broad range of opportunities, funding sources and topics. For example, last month I was writing grants in support of a prototype hip replacement through the National Institutes of Health, a youth gang prevention and rehabilitation mentoring program with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and a capacity building expansion project for technology funding through several private foundations.

3) Consultants are not dedicated to their causes and remain at an arms-length

While I cannot speak for all consultants, I know that personally I do not take on clients with missions that do not spark my passion. It is imperative to me that I am supportive of my nonprofits and their programs- if not I am not the right consultant for their cause. However, I do maintain a professional distance, which allows me to focus on facts and program structure in order to ensure my nonprofit clients receive the funding they need. By drawing on experience from several programs, agencies and experiences I believe I am able to construct logical, concise and clear proposals while maintaining emotional appeal. Development professionals are also able to create this perspective, but I am better able to manage this as an independent consultant.

4) Consultants are too expensive

Consultant fees are varied. According to the American Association of Grant Professionals, grant consultants are not able to ethically charge based on grant awards or percentages. Professional services should be based on the work required. However there are consultants that charge fees this way. As a professional I have decided to charge my fees based on an estimate of the time needed to complete a proposal and the supporting research, and I charge these fees proportionately based on delivery of work product. I also offer supportive services once a grant is awarded, including assistance with reporting data collection and scheduling. This additional service provides two benefits- first, my clients and I are a team as we apply for funding and I have a financial incentive in providing quality applications; and second my awarded proposals will have the necessary ongoing support to ensure my funding agencies are comfortable with my experience. Both of these outcomes strengthen my relationship with my clients and my funding agencies while maintaining professionalism and ensuring proper handling of grant funds.

5) Consultants have a bad reputation

This I have found to be true in the nonprofit world. Horror stories of unscrupulous consultants are frightening and sad. I have heard of consultants who have taken deposit checks and never delivered proposals, promised the moon or guaranteed grant awards because of special preferences that don’t exist, used plagiarized proposals and more. Unfortunately, these people have given the rest of us a bad reputation. Organizations such as the American Association of Grant Professionals have taken steps to help stop these unethical consultants and promote the honest and hard working writers out there. For example, the Grant Professional Certification Institute offers the Grant Professional Certified program, which includes a background screening and verification of professional experience.

Several states have developed licensing programs for fundraising consultants and grant writers- please check with your state government to determine the process for your area. As a professional in Florida I hold a license through the Department of Consumer Affairs. I always advise to be cautious and vigilant when they hire a grant consultant, or any other service provider. Do your research, and only work with someone you trust. I do not advertise other than my general website and a yellow pages listing. Instead I accept limited referrals from my active clients on a case by case basis, and I rely on my reputation for honest and straightforward services rather than advertising.

In the end, I am glad to have taken the route of independent consultant vs. a dedicated development professional. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and assist my clients in providing the needed services in my community.

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How to Become a Consultant

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So: how to become a consultant? The key to doing it and doing it right is to work hard and work smart at acquiring new clients and keeping the ones you already have, along with getting more work from your clients. Expect to spend more time on this than the time you spend actually doing the consulting. You should always be marketing yourself even when you have plenty of work at the moment, since without a constant stream of new clients the amount of work you have can be frustratingly intermittent. If you are just getting started on consulting, it is a good idea not to quit your day job just yet, as consulting work is often especially intermittent early on before you have established the marketing skills, industry connections and contacts and client relationships you need to guarantee enough work in the long run.

Consultants Must Research Potential Clients

Another important aspect of how to become a consultant is research ability. Research potential clients: these people tend to be the decision-makers at companies in your field of expertise. Research via web searches, social networking, business press, trade publications and industry conference lists among other methods and find hundreds of strong candidates if possible. Send out your information regarding your recent accomplishments and unique and powerful skills to possible clients. Update your research, your information and the sending out of that information often. Teaching courses and giving speeches are also a great way to advertise your services.

Consultants Must Remain Agile

Keep those skills sharp and those achievements up to date as well, since you also want to be a consultant providing high-quality service. Marketing skill is very important in how to become a consultant. This will also net you word of mouth referrals: the best kind. Consider becoming a consultant if you want to change your career or have to for whatever reason and you have knowledge and skills that are in demand and the ability to communicate them. Common consulting areas include financial planning, writing, graphic design, real estate, sales and business management.

Consulting is a Lifestyle

Certain lifestyle changes also commonly go along with becoming a consultant. It is often easier to work from home, or at least spend more time working from home, in a consulting career. Many consultants work for themselves with no boss, though there are also consulting firms as another possible option, and customer service provided to clients is also always important for a consultant. Those who are retired but want to keep active and still make a certain amount of money may also want to consult, and consulting can be a source of supplemental income to exist alongside a part-time or full-time job. Sometimes people get laid off from full-time positions with employers but can then work part-time for those same employers as consultants, though these consultants should also look for other clients in order to be prudent. Consultants often work alone, but may also work in teams.

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Best Western Inn & Suites Offering Quality Accommodation Near Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown

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For Immediate Release
Hotels in Cooperstown NY, 24th February, 2018: Best Western Cooperstown Inn & Suites, an excellent hotel in Cooperstown, New York, welcoming visitors to enjoy a great vacation by staying at their hotel near to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the main attraction of Cooperstown. This hotel is not only a great choice when looking for hotels in good location of Cooperstown but, this hotel is outstanding in many other terms including its service, amenities, & facilities.

When looking for accommodation near Dreams Park Cooperstown, this hotel makes itself a best choice for the visitors. This family-friendly hotel is just 1 mile away from the Dreams Park Cooperstown and only 4 miles from the Baseball Hall of Fame. The other nearby attractions that one can easily access from the hotel includes Cooperstown Farmers Museum, Hyde Hall Mansion, Fenimore Art Museum, Baseball Wax Museum, Ommegang Brewery, Glimmerglass State Park and more.

Best Western Cooperstown hotel near Bassett Hospital also impresses guests by offering outstanding amenities that everyone would love to enjoy while they are enjoying vacation. Some of the amenities offered by this hotel includes Complimentary Breakfast, Free High Speed Internet, Heated Indoor Pool & Spa, Guest Laundry, 24-hours Fitness Center and in-room amenities includes Hair Dryer, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Iron and more.

Best Western is also one of the best Cooperstown NY hotels that welcomes business travelers by offering wonderful amenities like 24-Hours Business Center, Print & Fax Services, Free Local Call Facilities and more. And, when it comes to cost of accommodation, Best Western appears to be one of the most affordable hotels in Cooperstown NY that offers budget-friendly accommodation to the visitors.

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All in one solar street lights

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StreetLightSolar Talks About The Advantages Of Using Solar Street Lights Over Traditional Street Lights
For Immediate Release

Solar Street Lights, 1 March, 2018: StreetLightSolar, one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies of solar street lights, have recently shared their viewpoint on how solar street lights are gradually replacing traditional street lights. The company have pointed out many of the advantages that solar powered street lights are offering including their cost-effectiveness, power saving nature, easy maintenance & replacement features and more.

StreetLightSolar has also talked about how solar street lights offers clean energy and does no harm to our environment. Solar lights also need no professional work for installation; anyone can install them for their need without calling professional installers.

According to the experts of StreetLightSolar, the usage of solar led street lights has increased to a great extent within last 5 years and they are expecting to increase the usage more in coming future. The company has also shared why they are the best suppliers for all in one solar street lights in market today and how they are pleased to own a huge customer base throughout the world in current date.

StreetLightSolar has been offering a top-notch service for more than 5 years now and they have achieved valuable recognition in market by supplying best quality integrated solar street lights. They have also achieved ISO 9001-2008 quality standard certificate by offering high quality products and service.

StreetLightSolar takes its pride for continuously improving their products and service to satisfy their customers in much superior way. The solar powered street lights supplied by this company are very environment friendly, easy-to-install, easy to maintain, more energy saving & cost-saving.

StreetLightSolar also offers very competitive price for the solar street lights products to allow everyone use these environment friendly lights instead of traditional street lights. Along with quality products they also provide very professional after sales service with 3 years of 100% satisfied warranty.

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Employment news Odisha

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February 28, 2018: In today’s world, job has become one of the most challenging things to get. The reason is, in today’s world, there is cut throat competition everywhere. For those who are aiming to get government jobs, the target is even more difficult as the number of seats in comparison to the number of applicants is almost negligible. In this context, it is important to take a note of the fact that, an Odisha Govt. jobs website, will provide one with every detail regarding upcoming Govt. job in Odisha.

The portal is offering Govt. job updates for various categories. It is one of the perfect job search engine website where you can find the latest Employment news Odisha notifications and email alerts. You can find there numerous types of Government jobs and direct walk in interview details of Odisha.

The Odisha Govt. Jobs site is updated regularly to give you the most recent job news on the Sarkari Naukri in Odisha state Government departments. According to the website team, they are putting latest updates as per the job designation, date, and other details. Their target is to cover all the possible government sectors in Odisha that have vacancy or will have vacancy soon.

On this website, one will get all information related to upcoming Govt. jobs in Odisha in a very elaborate and classified manner. In this site, one will get served with all the required information and so one can prepare oneself accordingly in the bid to achieve one’s goal.

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Fitness Intents, A Focus On Health And Fitness Apparel The Natural Way

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Just imagine walking into the fitness shop and having all your fitness, health and wellness needs catered for. Better yet, every item is of exceptional quality and tested to the highest standard.
At Fitness Intents there supplements that actually work with your natural body’s chemistry. This is because all the supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients, no fillers or binders, so you get optimal care for your body in a high quality product. It’s this kind of standard that means Fitness Intents customers have access to the best kinds of supplements all year round.

Feeling a little bloated, or heavier than usual? No problem. At Fitness Intents the focus on natural supplements extends all the way to their weight loss aids, all of which are made with 100% natural ingredients. Although these weight loss aids are natural, they are still very effective in winning the war against the battle of the bulge. In fact, being all natural means they work with your body instead of against it, bringing balance to your entire system while reducing weight. This is perfect for our customers, many of whom don’t want to compromise health just to lose a few pounds.

Fitness Intents retail stores are filled with the exciting fitness apparel, skin care, health accessories and gift items. There is a constant strive to be a one-stop shop for wellness-focused women and men. All workout clothes are endurable, stylish and excellent quality, creating fitness clothing that lasts and look great.

One of the things that Fitness Intents has also been deligent in providing for their customers is options for pain relief. “To help our customers become healthier and fitter, we look the body as a whole,” says Mel, Fitness Intents CEO and Co-Founder. “This is the reasons we are thrilled to offer a line of pain management relief, from hand held massagers and supports, all vital items to have at hand when you’re deep in an exercise regime”.

In alignment with whole body wellness, Fitness Intents provides natural sleeping aids. These combat sleep issues without the need for individuals to have to take stronger medication. All of the natural sleep apparatus provide a great solution to the age old problem of insomina and snoring issues.

For skin that glows health, Fitness Intents delivers facial cleansers and detoxifiers, along with skin accessories such as our highly coveted skin tag remover, and electric face cleaners. All of which ensure that you feel and look your very best every single day.

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Toshi Automatic

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Toshi Automatic’s Sliding Gate at Victoria Memorial completes one year
Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading automation company offering a wide range of automation products for homes, offices and industries, has announced that one of its most prominent installations, an automatic sliding gate at the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, has successfully completed its first year.

Speaking on the achievement, Mr. Sanjeev Sachdev, Managing Director, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “It is a privilege to be the vendor of choice for this prestigious assignment that we won not because of affordable pricing but primarily because of the quality of our products and the support services, which our brand Toshi Automatic is famous for, across the length and breadth of India.”

Powered by a state-of-the-art automatic sliding gate operator unit from Ditec Entrematic, an automation technology giant from Italy, the sliding gate installed by Toshi Automatic at the Victoria Memorial weighs over 100 kg.

Elaborating upon the technology powering the sliding gate, Mr. Kapil Sachdev, Chief Technology Officer, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “The 20m wide and 10m high sliding gate is made of military grade steel and it automatically opens or closes fully within 6 seconds of receiving the instruction sent to its control unit, either by click of a button or through a sensory device that tracks movements and proximity of objects.”

Erected on the grounds by the bank of the Hooghly River, the Victoria Memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Like the Taj Mahal, the Victoria Memorial is built of white Makrana marble and is a memorial to an empress, Queen Victoria (1819–1901). Today, it is an immensely popular tourist destination and a public museum being managed under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Toshi Automatic’s sliding gate installation is contributing to strengthening the security measures at Victoria Memorial and helping the authorities better manage the inflow of people and vehicles, while also drastically reducing the wait times and possibility of any traffic jams at or around the entrance.

Large number of people regularly throng the Victoria Memorial because of its 25 galleries including the royal gallery, the national leaders gallery, the portrait gallery, central hall, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armoury gallery and the newer, Calcutta gallery. People also visit Victoria Memorial to witness the collection of rare and antiquarian books such as the illustrated works of William Shakespeare, the Arabian Nights and the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam as well as books about kathak dance and thumri music by Wazid Ali Shah.

The Victoria Memorial gardens are spread across an area of 64 acres (260,000 sqm) and are maintained by a team of gardeners. On the Esch’s bridge, between the narrative panels, there is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, seated on her throne, wearing the robes of the Star of India.

“We operate from one of the most modern design and manufacturing facilities in the business and employ a team of highly skilled engineers to ensure reliable installations and impeccable services. We are geographically well placed to meet the needs of our wide customer base around the country, which spans individual homes, manufacturing and service companies, leisure operators and local authorities,” concluded Mr. Kapil Sachdev.

Toshi’s installations can be found at various airports, hospitals, chemical plants, petroleum plants, power generation sites, car and lorry parks, theme parks, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centres, retail parks, manufacturing facilities and office developments spread across India.

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How to Be a Good Client for a Consultant

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A healthy and positive working relationship is as important to the consultant as it is to you the client. Before you outsource your project, you need to understand the effect you will have on the success or otherwise of the project. To understand that you must first appreciate what it means to outsource.

How to be a good client?

There are a number of ways in which you can take a lead role in providing direction and support to both your external consultants and your permanent staff. To make this responsibility as straight forward as possible, take the time to:

  • Define clearly the scope of the project and the deliverables you expect the consultant to accomplish.
  • Align the scope of your project with your strategic plan. Is this the most cost effective solution? If not, re-consider your decision before committing valuable resources.
  • Consider using a reputable consulting company to help you determine which direction you should take and what solution(s) will help you to meet your strategic objectives. You will save time, effort and money in the long run.
  • Consider using the same consulting company to match your project requirements with the best consultants for the assignment. Unless you have external consultants who you use or have used previously, getting assistance at this stage can minimize any risk that may be associated with outsourcing. The better consulting companies will also screen the consultants, manage the whole verification and pre-selection process for you, and provide the means by which consultants can submit their proposals to you.
  • Decide which consultant is the best fit for your company taking into account all aspects of the proposal such as qualifications, references, track record, pricing, and how the project will be managed including timelines, milestones and key measures of success.

You are now ready to continue your lead role and manage the project at the strategic level.

Your permanent staff will support you and the consultants when you have made the effort to explain the reasons why external resources have been chosen to complete this important project. Explain who has been chosen, why they have been chosen and what they will accomplish.

As well as communicating with your permanent staff, make sure the consultants:

  • Are aware of the sensitivity of the situation.
  • Are fully conversant with company policies and procedures.
  • Understand the precise terms and conditions of the project.
  • Know that you will meet the company’s commitments as outlined in the agreement including resources and payment schedules.
  • How to report progress and how often.
  • Know how and to whom they should communicate if and when issues arise.

You are still the primary link between the consultants and your permanent staff, until the project is fully underway. Monitor the early stages as your permanent staff and consultants integrate and form their working relationships. Intervene only if and when necessary.

Provide every resource needed to enable the consultant to perform to the best of his or her ability. More often than not, consultants will over-deliver and exceed your expectations, helping to build a strong working relationship. Support your consultants and your permanent staff throughout the project and both will regard you as a good employer. Make sure consultant invoices are paid according to payment schedules to ensure service continuity.

You are placing the future success of your company in the hands of a consultant or consultant team when you outsource a project. You have chosen to place your trust and money in people you do not necessarily know. Therefore, you must conduct effective due diligence in finding the appropriate consultants for your strategic projects.

Minimize the risk by seeking assistance through a reputable consultant matching service to identify qualified consultants that will provide you with the right solution, on time and within your budget.

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